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At Arcadia Pediatric Dental, we want to support your child by promoting long-term children’s dental health and self-confidence. Did you know that long-term dental health and self-confidence begin early on? Studies show that children who begin healthy oral habits at an early age experience fewer dental problems as adults and are more confident. We want to give your child the health and confidence they deserve. That’s why we commit our practice to provide your family with exceptional dental care for kids in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Family and Pediatric Dentists in Scottsdale, AZ

Our pediatric dentists at Arcadia Pediatric Dental strive to make children’s dentistry a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for both children and their parents. We care for kids of all ages, even babies and toddlers! Our pediatric dentist office offers a family-friendly environment that is full of energy, fun activities, and games. Kids can even sit back and watch cartoons while getting their teeth checked! We also welcome parents in the exam rooms, because we believe that a parent’s presence helps children relax and promotes family participation in learning about healthy oral care habits. These aspects help children to feel comfortable during their visit while giving them the tools they need to learn how to take care of their teeth.

Ask Your Local Dentist

Our team is always open to any questions or suggestions you have about our family dentistry. Arcadia Pediatric Dental staff members and pediatric dentists pride themselves on being courteous, professional, and respectful and are dedicated to making your dental experience a good one. We look forward to serving you and know that you’ll have a great experience at our family dental center!

Dental Insurance Plans

To make sure that you and your family have the best all-around dental experience, Arcadia Pediatric Dental strives to make coming to our family dental center feasible for all families. We achieve this goal by accepting most dental insurance options, including Aetna, MetLife, and AHCCCS plans.

Join Our Dental Family Today!

Our children’s dentists in Scottsdale, AZ aspire to provide the best family dental care in the area by offering quality child dental care in a fun, safe environment. Contact our office at (480) 207-5070 today to schedule an appointment with one of our local pediatric dentists. Don’t forget to fill out one of our new patient forms prior to your first visit!

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